Biker World

Who loves biker shorts as much as I do?

I have to be honest, although I love shorts, I don’t wear them. I love to style them on others but shorts is not in my comfort zone because of a particular flaw that I acquire, (we’ll get into that another time). For this reason, I resort to biker shorts in the summer time.

My first introduction to them was as a little girl. My mother wore them while pregnant from my younger sister. The way she wore her big floppy blouses and tee-shirts paired with either sneakers or sandals, (hence, we lived in Puerto Rico at the time), is something I’ve always admired. I was intrigued by this look. A look that originated in the 80’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wear shorts but they are usually longer in length defeating the “short shorts” purpose. Since I love biker shorts, I came up with three different looks that you can use to wear them for the winter season! Some will say, it’s a cheap look. I say, it’s not about the amount of money being spent but about how well you coordinate your fabrics, colors and trend. The entire look has to be appealing to the eye. It should be something that represents you and your personal style. 😉

  1. This first look, the biker shorts is paired with a burgundy faux leather dress. I purchased this a few years back at a neighborhood Brooklyn store. This dress is pretty short for my liking and I decided to pair it with the biker shorts. I am always wearing over the knee faux suede boots from Century 21.
  1. I just love this pink sweater, tulle dress, purchased at Forever 21 on sale. The illusion of wearing nothing, always gets me. It’s a breathable and comfortable look. I paired it with patten leather black booties from JustFab shoes! It’s a inexpensive outfit. It makes my legs look longer and covers any bulges of my tummy – ha! This is actually my favorite one.

3. Lastly, a lace long wide sleeve blouse with cleavage! It’s loose yet sexy. This was a target purchase about 2 years ago. Not everything I wear is new. I don’t mind repeating and digging in my closet for pieces that are a few years old.

These were very simple looks that anyone can put together. As long as you are comfortable in it, you can own your look!

Holiday Helper

Days where we are suppose to feel our best, we tend to have the hardest time. How we handle these hard times, affects our outcomes. On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling a little out of it. I had to get my daughter dressed and ready for her evening dinner with her dad. I had to prepare food with my guy, for my parent’s dinner, and manage to get myself together to be able to present myself to my family and friends.

I had no idea what I was going to wear. One thing I did know, is that it had to be comfortable. I had to be able to breathe in the garment of choice and feel relaxed. I decided to go with a mid-sleeve, button down dress, that I had purchased a few months ago at, I paired it with a pair of over the knee, faux suede boots from Century21. I did a red lip for a pop of color, as the colors of choice were very neutral. I felt good about what I wore and happy to be spending quality time with friends and family.

It is important to have a pick-me-up outfit that can combine a stylish edge with comfort. Comfort in our own skin that can transpired into our choice of dress. I chose not to let my negative feelings get in the way of feeling good. I chose my outcome.

You Versus Society

Accept  and embrace your uniqueness as a woman. Show confidence with who you are and what you offer for yourself. You have to work from the inner you and relate that to the outer you. 

When putting on make up and any synthetics, ask yourself, do you feel good with what you stand for and how you look ? If you don’t accept and embrace yourself, you can’t expect others to do it. Your style should enhance and express what you are about. 

It’s ok to change up looks, like putting on a wig, but you also have to be ok with being bare. If it’s a vulnerable side, fix it and grow comfortable with your bare self. 


From personal experience, people will say, “well, you don’t have my texture of hair so you wouldn’t know how it feels.” They are right, I don’t. But who says that what you have is less better than what I have? Don’t accommodate your look for society. Today, it’s about embracing all women.

Embracing the veiw from “The Williamsburg Hotel.” Learning how to be ok in my own skin.
Excepting my bare skin. This is me. I don’t ware a mask to hide me.

Saving Halloween!

My plans for Halloween this year, were plans that were all made last minute. The costumes that arose from our dilemma were also unplanned. The weekend before Halloween, I ordered two different costumes, assuring a timely delivery date for my four year old daughter. One was the “LOL” costume and the other was “Violet” from the movie, Incredibles which my daughter had been a fan of. I was truly excited to dress her up and couldn’t wait for our Halloween festivities to begin. Then, the dilema began. I received the package of the Incredibles costume but the “LOL” costume had not come in as promised. My daughter had a morning school event and then had planned to go to trick-or-treating that evening. The two costumes ordered were particularly to be used for those events. On the eve of Halloween, when I was a costume short, I had an idea to put an outfit together for her.

My daughter has tons of tutus, either purchased from stores or ones made by me. She has a tremendous amount of costumes and accessories that could potentially be used. I the, gathered everything she had. She had the perfect outfit to mimic a Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume. I had found black stockings, a black leotard, and a black tutu. In her jewelry box, she had faux pearls and hair clips. She had also had a Tiffany’s bag from a gift she had received when she was first born. Lucky girl right ? When I put this outfit together, I knew I had perfected it!

When she woke up in the morning, I delivered the news of what she was going to dress up as for her school event. She was more excited to know that she was going to wear make-up than she was for being Audrey Hepburn. I’ll take it! She was happy and I was thrilled to have come up with a costume idea, better than the one I had originally ordered.




Reflection Of My Style

2016, was the year of my personal growth. The realization of my wants and needs, as a mother and most importantly, as the woman I wanted to become. I began pursuing a new found journey but not realizing that it was already imbedded in my soul. I was rediscovering a whole new me. I was evolving and heading into the direction of my choice. Having confidence made me choose the styles and looks that appealed best to me. 

How we view ourselves reflects highly in the choices we make in fashion. As we evolve, so does fashion. Our styles reflect where we work, go to school, how we feel on that given day, and what we do in our spare time. Our environment contains vibes in which we feed off from. If we remain in tuned with our evolving environment, we will find ourselves growing. Self-reflection keeps our mind analyzing our choices and help us understand what we should do to change or remain. It’s the same concept with our wardrobe. What we get rid of and what we purchase is simply influenced by our emotions toward a piece of clothing. 

The photo below, made me reflect on where my mindset was during this particular time. I wanted to try new things and not be afraid to take chances. I wanted a daring edgy look. I was happy and confident. This is place that I remain in, even in this vastly changing environment. 


The Heart is Brooklyn

I want to keep Brooklyn swag alive in the mist of a culture change that’s currently taking place. The graffiti on the walls has  always been an art and a form of expression. I am a proud Brooklyn native. I have seen it transition, in such a remarkable way and will continue to live through it. 

I use my free time to explore what is now being explored by tourist. Regardless of the vast changes, this will always remain my home. There is an undying swag and an addiction to its lifestyle. The uniqueness is forever embraced. I choose to explore it, dressed in comfort. 

This is an all white flow with a pop of color and denim. On an off day, I decided to go to Dumbo, Brooklyn, to rejuvenate the soul with its tremendous views. 



Style and Comfort

A Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn, New York, with my 4 year old running errands. Not too much thought went into this as my main concern was getting us ready to head out and making it back home in time to cook dinner.

My sweatshirt feel tunic with biker shorts was my easy way out. I paired it with my everyday Gucci bag and my very comfy Gucci espadrilles. This is a combo I often wear while running errands. My 4 year old wasn’t too thrilled to have me stop to take these, haha! 



Mint Mule

I absolutely love JustFab shoes. I’ve been a member of their site for about 8-9 years now. It’s a convenient way to shop. The shipping is fast and easy and I am able to hand pick from a bunch of great styles. All season style shoes and shoes for every occasion are typically always available.



These mint colored mules are perfect for a casual brunch or running a quick errand. For those personals that cannot wear heels, this is a perfect style of shoe to choose, as it can be worn in many different ways. You pair it with a sun dress/skirt, and even a nice ivory/white modern suit for business. 

Continue to tune in with me, as I have a bunch of great variety of looks to show!