Surprise of the Year

On Christmas Day, I found out I was pregnant. It was a complete shock to our little family. I was enrolled in school with a part-time job and a full time mommy to a then 4 year old. Despite the goals I haven’t yet accomplished, I felt blessed – we felt blessed. A few weeks into the pregnancy, I became very sick. Nothing I ate stood in my tummy. I was dehydrated and weak. I ended up in the hospital twice and the second time in, I found out I had a condition called Hyperemesis. This condition can last the entire pregnancy and medication is needed in order to eat and practically function,(somewhat). I still have it.The condition doesn’t define me but it keeps me from doing what I would normally do. I have become a bed potato. I eat, take care of my now 5 year old and lay down as much as I can, in order to hold down my foods. It has been a miserable experience but with love and support from my partner, I have overcome 5 months of this pregnancy with happiness and barely any stress. Everyday is a struggle but I try my best to wake up and not think about what’s coming. I think of the wonderful health my baby is in and how sacrifice as a parent, begins now.

Thanking the perfect weather and my sister for this perfect photo.

Dress – ASOS (old purchase)

Jean Jacket – American Eagle

Hat – Forever21

I was nauseas during these photos but managed to remain on point with my natural poses. 😆

Resolution? Not!

I’ve been reading blogs and posts on social media, leading up to the New Year, regarding resolutions and futuristic ideas of the kind of mindset a new year is going to be entered. For me, personally, every year is the same ol’ thing. I have my accomplishments and my failures, year after year. There’s growth and lessons learned through out every experience that I’ve encountered. I do not believe in resolutions, although it may work for some, and it is not something I am discouraging. I am simply giving a personal thought to the whole new year resolution idea. This is something that has never worked for me as I set goals and do everything that I can to accomplishment them, one by one. There’s always a milestone to face, there’s always negative and there’s always happiness. Some days may be harder than others but entering a new year, I am expecting the same because – well, that’s just life. I do not have the most positive outlook at times but I’ve been learning to train my thoughts into thinking more positively. When something is done in a negative vibe, it almost never works out. I will plan to reflect and on what was learned and will continue those good behaviors into the new year.

I truly hope everyone has had, for what it feels like to some people, a fresh start. A start on self-reflection and improvements. Continue to push forward with goals you all want to accomplish.

Be as care free as this and do what makes you happy!

New year? New comfy suede boots from Louis Vuitton!

As we grow we rediscover and discover. We evolve and most of the time, we learn from our faults. If our confidence is high, we tend to become more acceptant of who we are and what we stand for. All we want is laughter. We have to seek happiness within ourselves and let it transpire.

Here are a few photos of this past Christmas night – an outing that was spare of the moment. I was surrounded by people I truly love and support me in every way possible. It’s not about material things, it’s about loving yourself and others they way it’s deserved. Kindness goes a long way. Being true to yourself and others around you, is valued more than anything anyone can give. Stay merry and joyous all year around!

Uniqlo faux fur coat paired with the following: Century21 sweater, Puma tights, Vans, and my favorite LV clutch.

Shopping on Budget

Not all of us have the income to sustain our enormously fine sense of style. We look at designer campaigns, social media and website publications – to find out the latest trends. Most of the time, we are not able to afford high-end products and we seek modifications. Modifications are both economical and stylish – if you choose the right product that represents the trends you are trying to obtain in your wardrobe. Here are some simple ideas that focuses on details.

Here goes details on a particular dress that was actually given to me. I accessorized it with a triple layer chain and black Aldos shoes.
A blouse purchased at Degenero paired with Fashion Nova jeans.
One of my favorite shoes! Purchased at Ego!
Velvet and glits! Last year during New Year’s Eve last year!

Let the Days Bite So That I Can Shine Brighter

This week, has been one heck of a week! (Crying Emoji), My daughter has been suffering terribly with asthma. I’ve been trying to keep up with her treatments, doctor appointments, holiday shopping, and prepping for school events. Thank God, classes are over for me but a new semester will arise shortly. Nothing matters more than my daughter’s health but it becomes mentally exhausted when there’s barely any sleep involved. Our attire resembles our battles – hehe! This is real life! What we go through and how we feel, is a reflection of what we wear – as I’ve mentioned before in my other blog posts. Despite our battles, she remains in high spirits. There’s holiday excitement in our home. Here are some looks of excitement and our comfy choice of wear.

Wearing her mustard colored sweats from Target, her adidas sneakers, and her light coat from Crazy8. She likes to be comfy too!
These Uggs sneakers are the best! My feet feel as though they were on clouds.
Well, thank you Forever21 and PrettyLittleThings for having pieces I can put together that make me feel as though I can jump to the moon. I was so relaxed this day, despite how busy I was

Most of the time, this our norm. I’m constantly on-the-go and have been putting a heavy weight on comfort in my choice of wear. I was digging though old photos of myself and came to a realization. This past year, my choices of looks have been revolving around the work I do daily. I am a mom, a student, with a part-time job. My mind is focused on success. I am driven by my potentials and put on pieces that comfort me despite the stress load. I either have spark up they way I style up or be ok with the person I am becoming. Either way, I have to be happy with what I am presenting to the world daily.

Good Vibes in Your Environment

Bringing serenity in your home can prevent anxiety and any inner hostilities. Create areas in your home where you are able to burn scents/candles that have soothing aromas. Bring faith into your home and fill your mind with positivity. The good energy will unfold itself. Your positive thoughts and peaceful ora will manifest.

Living in a large city like New York City, our lives are hectic and busy. We are constantly running around on foot, trying to catch trains and chase down Uber’s. I’ve been here my entire life and this is all I’ve known. Despite our fast-paced environment, relaxation is often needed.

I have chosen to purchase this Lotus candle and put it next to my Buddha head figurine. There is a plant in an elephant figurine on the left of the Buddha head. This set up enlightens me and brings serenity. I’m always posting on my Instagram stories, the lighting of candles. I’m a huge fan of dim light at night and night-time rituals that helps my family sleep. It settles our spirit for rest. Creating little areas like this one, helps us tremendously with our relaxation. Fashion up your home and be creative with the kind of ora, you would want to manifest.

Second Week of December

Last week, was tremendously busy for our family. It was finals week for me and my daughter had Christmas events at her school, that she needed to participate in. It’s all fun and joyous until you realize there’s not enough time in the day for rest!

Last Monday, was picture day with Santa. Woohoo! My 4 year old was super excited to meet to Santa and already had her punch-line for him – “Hoho, hoho!” That day came and went. Photos were a success as she produced the biggest smile of all. Her hair remained intact and she had time to brush her teeth! *(Rolling eyes emoji)* That’s right! There are some mornings, no matter how hard I try, she will not get out of bed unless I’m dragging her out the door. Most days, I’m dressing her in her sleep and we walk to school half asleep. I may not have all the parenting answers and for a single mom, it gets exhausting being the only adult around on a day-to-day basis that lays down the law.

Cheeese Santa!

Wednesday of last week, was ugly sweater day! I ended up purchasing a 4 dollar red turtleneck at a local Brooklyn store. I then, made my way to Dollar Tree and purchased the most fun-looking ornaments I could find, with my sister’s help. All of this was taking place in the midst of me attending classes, studying for finals and completing last minute projects. When she got home from school, we began working on her ugly sweater, well, more like an ugly shirt. The end-result was nothing but perfection. I paired her shirt with a golden tutu, that I made a few months back, and black tights with her white and black stripped adidas sneakers. She was owning that outfit! She felt festive and ready to take on the pre-k classroom. By the end of the week, I was completely exhausted! Not haven’t slept well, in about three weeks, I was surprised to have had the energy needed for all I’ve accomplished.

Such a happy kid! Now it’s time to let mommy sleep!

Nothing but Love for Schiaparelli!

I couldn’t be more excited to see the new collection of Schiaparelli! Elsa Schiaparelli, emerged in the 1920s but was not heavily recognized after the Second World War. She was influenced by surrealist yet failed to adapt to necessary changes of that time. Her influences still live in today’s fashion world. I’ve always been greatly inspired by her quirkiness, her love of art, and how she incorporated those elements in her garments.

I love the color coordination of this look. The green used in the pants, is a color that may be emerging in the new year. The mixture of classic with street wear give this an edge and stylish presence.

This beautiful sheer sleeve dress with embroidery, reminds me of Schiaparelli in her time. She was a risk taker. With colors, and the arts, she incorporated elements that showed power and risk. It was a woman’s movement of her time.

This is a resemblance of the 1920s. The sweatsuit looking sweater with this beautifully draped trousers, shows what Schiaparelli would of designed. It’s intriguing and recognizes a movement in today’s society.

This turtle-neck is everything! Warm and comfy with a playful color that would make any woman, feel good. I really never liked pink attire on a grown woman but as of lately, with pink being a trendy color, I have grown to love it. It’s such a power color.

Just when you might of thought color-blocking was a dying trend, this assures us, that it is not. Schiaparelli, at this point, cannot do any wrong. Her vision is lingering. This garment is speaking through its drapery, color, and fabric diversity. Once again, another technique often used in her past collections.

Lively Living

The color of the year is living coral! Pantone living coral, describes a more festive and upbeat wave that will soon enter the new year with us.

I’ve always loved the color but I don’t think I it will be a huge hit. On second thought, it will make everyone feel lively! That’s a better purpose. I see some runway looks that already describe just that!




Pre-Fall 2019

I love the different textures and the shades used for the Pre-Fall 2019 collections. Many designers have incorporated the color before becoming color of the year. It’s an interesting take on how creatively we view our world.