Something New, Something Old

For years now, I’ve been educating myself on health. What ingredients to avoid and what new herbs, new fruits, veggies and supplements to try. I’ve made so many changes in the past seven years. I’ve also taken my family along for the ride. Outside of foods and ingredients – I’ve been slowly steering away from purchasing all things conventional. The products I’ve been using and trying are healthier and chemical free. This journey has led to me collaborate with brands, I believe, want to do better for consumers. ActiveWow is one of those brands. They have toothpastes and teeth whitening products that are safe and easy to use. More products involving health and beauty are arising, and I can’t wait to try what they have in store for us. Here are my collaborative posts. If you plan on making the changes, don’t forget to use my discount code written below.

My on-the-go whitening pen is exactly what I need to continue my day. It looks like it’s going to be a productive afternoon. 😊
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Times like Today

During this Covid-19 quarantine, we have been riding a wave of just feeling stuck and dealing with the people we live with 24 hours a day! Many families that I have spoken with, feel the same as I do – stressed and exhausted! The worry for our nation doesn’t fade. The worry of whether we are doing a good job in homeschooling our kids, especially when they are too young to learn on their own, truly weighs in. The task of simply picking up groceries and other necessities have become a mission. Every aspect of our lives has changed. The way we conduct work, ourselves at home, our teachings to our own children, and what we have now considered fun. The worry for other’s safety and for those families who have lost loved ones due to this pandemic, has become the norm. It is important to find a balance of what needs to be done and of what makes us not loose our sanity.

I can write about all these stories that I hear from friends, family members, and the news — but I won’t. It’s too sad to bare. I am here to send my prayers to those being affected, to give my appreciation to those who are risking their own lives in order to save lives. I am here to share what I find doing most for my mental health and my family’s sanity – during this difficult and heart breaking time. The photos will tell it all.

Just simply getting air.
Choosing a route where we are less exposed to people. Let’s wear our masks of course!
She’s upset that the parks are closed. I’m upset because I have to explain to her the reason why.
My little man has no idea why his big cousin has a covering on his face. I’m sure he wants to rip that off.
Sidewalk chalk. Thank God for mom’s house where they are able to make a mess of things.
Let’s expand on a classroom lesson and paint what we just spoke about. 😌
Homeschooling outside on a day where she wouldn’t budge to do any work. Riding her scooter in between assignments is what motivated her.

There hasn’t been any self-care these days. No, I don’t have time for facials, I don’t have time to look “good” but I do make time to create healthy meals and aside from homeschooling, I create time to keep the family active and busy, at both home and outside, so that our sanity remains.

Our appreciation art toward those who put everything on the line for us.

Pump and Didn’t Dump

During an outing I had recently, my boobs became engorged from not giving my baby boy the last latch of the night. I was out celebrating my sister’s birthday and baby boy was home with daddy. I placed a manual Madela pump in my LV clutch — but completely forgot to bring a milk storage bag or even a top for the bottle I was pumping in. All of this resulted in the following photos:

I was truly grateful to feel support from many women who have said to me, they’ve done the same. To all the women sitting next to us in this lounge and to all the women I was surrounded by—-thank you! I mean—-even if, I wasn’t supported, a mommy has to do what a mommy has to do. I have no shame.

The Perfect Bottle for Nursing Moms

As many of you know, I’ve been nursing my baby boy for 4 months. He’s been drinking a bit of formula here and there but never had a full meal of it. Just recently, I’ve started giving him two small bottles a day (4oz) of formula. He is now drinking about 6-10oz every 4 hours, ( I don’t have an exact number because when breastfeeding, it’s difficult to measure the amount of milk you are producing every feed). The Nanobebe bottles are a brand of bottles that have worked well for him since the beginning. They have saved me when I was/am tired and out!

As a newborn, my baby was feeding every two hours day and night. I went through many sleepless nights and was extremely drained. My hubby decided to participate in the feedings and would warm up breast milk to give to him. He noticed while using other bottles, the baby would choke, as he was use to the nipple from my boobs. When he used the Nanobebe bottles, the baby responded well to them. Since then, that’s all we’ve used. The flow is just right, not too fast and not too slow, and they are shaped like boobs!

He now is gripping the bottles himself. Nanobebe is the only brand that works for us right now. He can bottle feed himself when I am in a rush or am simply too tired. He is drinking in style!

This was the other day! I nursed him and he wanted more. I made him 4oz of formula and he fed himself. 😏

This photo was taken a few months back. Need to give credit to his dad for this. He was so impressed with the bottles and happy that he was able to feed him without disturbing my sleep. 😌

New Book – Health

I am thrilled to read this!

As explained in the video, I saw an interview Channel 4 conducted in the morning show with the author of the book. I was intrigued by his findings and recipes that helped people live a long lasting life!

When I begin cooking up these recipes, which are all plant-based, I will share my thoughts!

Better meals result in the mind and body feeling the absolute best. It’s important to nourish both!

This looks delish! I have a weakness for pastries and carbs. This should be good.. 😌


This Christmas was my baby’s boy first Christmas and daughter’s first as a big sister! We were excited and made it all more special. This is my favorite time of year. We have Christmas movies going, Christmas pajamas and cute little activities going for the kids. This year, I was not able to walk around the city (my favorite thing to do), because it’s extremely hard to travel alone with a baby and a very needy 5 year old. Hopefully, we will get a chance to go before the new year. Let’s see…

Our Christmas tradition is to play tons of Christmas music through out the month and especially, while we open presents on Christmas morning. My sister hosted Christmas breakfast and it was extremely joyous. She made green home-made waffles, eggs, home fries, and a side of fruits. We had teas and coffee as beverages. I wish I had photos of that! It was the cutest thing! Family and the time we spend together, is the most important thing. It’s what we should appreciate most. I am completely blessed and grateful for our journeys and what God will continue to have in store for us.

“Ugly” Sweater

I wrote this weeks ago and thought I share!

Those of you who know my kid, know that she is creative with her crafts. Tomorrow, is ugly sweater day at her school and we decided to take an old sweater-blouse and turn it into her ugly sweater. Thank God I was able to save crafts from last year’s ugly sweater event, because that’s exactly what we used this time around. The freezing temperature today, did not permit me to leave the house to purchase an actual sweater, as I have a stuffy-nosed infant at home. I gathered my crafts and waited for my baby girl at my mom’s house. Hours later, the work began!

I presented Alaehya with last year’s crafts and extra ribbons and beads my mom had laying around. She then began to work and didn’t stop! I couldn’t find my glue gun so she decide to velcro her Christmas crafts to the sweater. She found a pair of black leggings and put ginger breads glittery silhouette on them. She discovered a green plain headband laying and she decorated that too!

When we got home I took a needle and tread and reinforced all the peaces she put on her now fill ugly outfit. A simple project turned into an hour of work for her and a full outfit.

When she got home from school, all the decor had practically fallen off! Thank God I warmed her so that she wouldn’t cry.

I love that her school has a calendar full of events almost every month. It keeps us busy and on our toes.

Gentrification Portrayed in the Arts

I watched season 1 and 2 of She’s got to have it, a Spike Lee joint. I absolutely loved the emphasis and the love the show focuses on, and that was Brooklyn. The many changes taken place that affects Brooklyn Natives. Although – I can’t relate to the main character, Nola Darling because I am a mom now and live a completely different lifestyle, the show showed the many issues young adults, like myself, face within themselves and in an ever-changing environment.

I am so happy that the issues of gentrification is being shown in this kind of way. There’s nothing better than to visually see these changes for yourself on film and through the arts. As a Brooklyn native myself, I find myself struggling to raise my family in the same neighborhood where I grew up. I love having access to a variety of stores and being able to live in a safer neighborhood, but I see that those changes come with huge costs. My parents own property and they are truly benefiting from these changes. A person like myself, am not. Finding decent, clean, and spacious apartments under 2,000 – is nearly impossible. This series brings relevance and awareness to Brooklyn’s issues – for Blacks and Hispanics.

My life in BK –

Pretty photos don’t define the struggles and the reality of the kind of life we live.

Welcoming Gathering

My life, for the past 7 months has consisted of laying in bed and trying my very best to take care of my child and household things. As I reached my third trimester of pregnancy, (31 weeks!) I’m feeling heavy and more tired. My Hyperemesis is under control through medication and therefor, I am able to function – somewhat. My blogs are suppose to be of fashion and wellness but today I will concentrarte on my pregnancy and a beautiful event.

This past Saturday, my family through me a beautiful and intimate welcoming shower. It was the most mature event I’ve done, as my life for the past 5 years have consisted of children birthday parties. I was grateful for my family who pulled through so much to do this event. I am grateful for God giving me the strength to be able to enjoy myself, despite of the 90 degree – humid weather. I am grateful for seeing the happiness that filled my hubby’s and my beautiful daughter’s faces as the event continued. I couldn’t had asked for anything more. I was completely stress-free from it all and enjoyed myself. Now, it’s nesting time!

Here are a few photos:

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Ego

My make-up and hair was done by my beloved sister, Priscilla.

Proud to Be

Yesterday, was the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City! I was not able to enjoy the festivities NY had to offer but I am damn proud to be Puerto Rican especially, one born and raised in Brooklyn. Our culture has been deeply embedded in all parts of the city and yesterday, we celebrated that culture. Just like any other Latin community, Puerto Ricans are such a diverse group of people and I want to take the time to embrace the mixes that make us Latino.

I have mixed some photos of my trip taken two years ago, with photos of a friend blogger of mine who currently lives in Puerto Rico. She is living the life and enjoying every aspect of the island and what it’s people have to offer. She’s part of the culture.

“Que Bonita bandera,

Que Bonita bandera,

Que Bonita bandera,

La bandera Puertoriquena”

Pat is such a good-hearted person doing what she loves most. Where ever she resides, she’s setting up shop for herself and making an impact. She has collaborated with many fashion boutiques, beauty business through out Puerto Rico, and other bloggers to spread the love of style and fashion. She has done this during a crucial time in Puerto Rico – after Hurricane Maria. She now designs and makes her own tote bags and is selling worldwide! She is truly an inspiration and her photos are EVERYTHING!! I had to share her and her photos with you guys because she is someone I admire.

Thank you Pat for giving me life all day–errrday – haha! She’s truly a real one.

Please check out her blog,