Something New, Something Old

For years now, I’ve been educating myself on health. What ingredients to avoid and what new herbs, new fruits, veggies and supplements to try. I’ve made so many changes in the past seven years. I’ve also taken my family along for the ride. Outside of foods and ingredients – I’ve been slowly steering away from purchasing all things conventional. The products I’ve been using and trying are healthier and chemical free. This journey has led to me collaborate with brands, I believe, want to do better for consumers. ActiveWow is one of those brands. They have toothpastes and teeth whitening products that are safe and easy to use. More products involving health and beauty are arising, and I can’t wait to try what they have in store for us. Here are my collaborative posts. If you plan on making the changes, don’t forget to use my discount code written below.

My on-the-go whitening pen is exactly what I need to continue my day. It looks like it’s going to be a productive afternoon. 😊
Gets yours and use the discount code “ILEANA20” to get your 20% off. Use the the link on @activewow ❤️
activewow #awambassadors #teethwhitening
Finally used my @activewow premium whitening kit from @iherb – I absolutely love it. It’s easy to use. There are specific instructions provided that make the experience super easy. I’ll be going about my night with a smile. ☺️

Use the link below to shop!

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