Times like Today

During this Covid-19 quarantine, we have been riding a wave of just feeling stuck and dealing with the people we live with 24 hours a day! Many families that I have spoken with, feel the same as I do – stressed and exhausted! The worry for our nation doesn’t fade. The worry of whether we are doing a good job in homeschooling our kids, especially when they are too young to learn on their own, truly weighs in. The task of simply picking up groceries and other necessities have become a mission. Every aspect of our lives has changed. The way we conduct work, ourselves at home, our teachings to our own children, and what we have now considered fun. The worry for other’s safety and for those families who have lost loved ones due to this pandemic, has become the norm. It is important to find a balance of what needs to be done and of what makes us not loose our sanity.

I can write about all these stories that I hear from friends, family members, and the news — but I won’t. It’s too sad to bare. I am here to send my prayers to those being affected, to give my appreciation to those who are risking their own lives in order to save lives. I am here to share what I find doing most for my mental health and my family’s sanity – during this difficult and heart breaking time. The photos will tell it all.

Just simply getting air.
Choosing a route where we are less exposed to people. Let’s wear our masks of course!
She’s upset that the parks are closed. I’m upset because I have to explain to her the reason why.
My little man has no idea why his big cousin has a covering on his face. I’m sure he wants to rip that off.
Sidewalk chalk. Thank God for mom’s house where they are able to make a mess of things.
Let’s expand on a classroom lesson and paint what we just spoke about. 😌
Homeschooling outside on a day where she wouldn’t budge to do any work. Riding her scooter in between assignments is what motivated her.

There hasn’t been any self-care these days. No, I don’t have time for facials, I don’t have time to look “good” but I do make time to create healthy meals and aside from homeschooling, I create time to keep the family active and busy, at both home and outside, so that our sanity remains.

Our appreciation art toward those who put everything on the line for us.

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