The Perfect Bottle for Nursing Moms

As many of you know, I’ve been nursing my baby boy for 4 months. He’s been drinking a bit of formula here and there but never had a full meal of it. Just recently, I’ve started giving him two small bottles a day (4oz) of formula. He is now drinking about 6-10oz every 4 hours, ( I don’t have an exact number because when breastfeeding, it’s difficult to measure the amount of milk you are producing every feed). The Nanobebe bottles are a brand of bottles that have worked well for him since the beginning. They have saved me when I was/am tired and out!

As a newborn, my baby was feeding every two hours day and night. I went through many sleepless nights and was extremely drained. My hubby decided to participate in the feedings and would warm up breast milk to give to him. He noticed while using other bottles, the baby would choke, as he was use to the nipple from my boobs. When he used the Nanobebe bottles, the baby responded well to them. Since then, that’s all we’ve used. The flow is just right, not too fast and not too slow, and they are shaped like boobs!

He now is gripping the bottles himself. Nanobebe is the only brand that works for us right now. He can bottle feed himself when I am in a rush or am simply too tired. He is drinking in style!

This was the other day! I nursed him and he wanted more. I made him 4oz of formula and he fed himself. 😏
This photo was taken a few months back. Need to give credit to his dad for this. He was so impressed with the bottles and happy that he was able to feed him without disturbing my sleep. 😌

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