“Ugly” Sweater

I wrote this weeks ago and thought I share!

Those of you who know my kid, know that she is creative with her crafts. Tomorrow, is ugly sweater day at her school and we decided to take an old sweater-blouse and turn it into her ugly sweater. Thank God I was able to save crafts from last year’s ugly sweater event, because that’s exactly what we used this time around. The freezing temperature today, did not permit me to leave the house to purchase an actual sweater, as I have a stuffy-nosed infant at home. I gathered my crafts and waited for my baby girl at my mom’s house. Hours later, the work began!

I presented Alaehya with last year’s crafts and extra ribbons and beads my mom had laying around. She then began to work and didn’t stop! I couldn’t find my glue gun so she decide to velcro her Christmas crafts to the sweater. She found a pair of black leggings and put ginger breads glittery silhouette on them. She discovered a green plain headband laying and she decorated that too!

When we got home I took a needle and tread and reinforced all the peaces she put on her now fill ugly outfit. A simple project turned into an hour of work for her and a full outfit.

When she got home from school, all the decor had practically fallen off! Thank God I warmed her so that she wouldn’t cry.

I love that her school has a calendar full of events almost every month. It keeps us busy and on our toes.

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