Gentrification Portrayed in the Arts

I watched season 1 and 2 of She’s got to have it, a Spike Lee joint. I absolutely loved the emphasis and the love the show focuses on, and that was Brooklyn. The many changes taken place that affects Brooklyn Natives. Although – I can’t relate to the main character, Nola Darling because I am a mom now and live a completely different lifestyle, the show showed the many issues young adults, like myself, face within themselves and in an ever-changing environment.

I am so happy that the issues of gentrification is being shown in this kind of way. There’s nothing better than to visually see these changes for yourself on film and through the arts. As a Brooklyn native myself, I find myself struggling to raise my family in the same neighborhood where I grew up. I love having access to a variety of stores and being able to live in a safer neighborhood, but I see that those changes come with huge costs. My parents own property and they are truly benefiting from these changes. A person like myself, am not. Finding decent, clean, and spacious apartments under 2,000 – is nearly impossible. This series brings relevance and awareness to Brooklyn’s issues – for Blacks and Hispanics.

My life in BK –

Pretty photos don’t define the struggles and the reality of the kind of life we live.