Welcoming Gathering

My life, for the past 7 months has consisted of laying in bed and trying my very best to take care of my child and household things. As I reached my third trimester of pregnancy, (31 weeks!) I’m feeling heavy and more tired. My Hyperemesis is under control through medication and therefor, I am able to function – somewhat. My blogs are suppose to be of fashion and wellness but today I will concentrarte on my pregnancy and a beautiful event.

This past Saturday, my family through me a beautiful and intimate welcoming shower. It was the most mature event I’ve done, as my life for the past 5 years have consisted of children birthday parties. I was grateful for my family who pulled through so much to do this event. I am grateful for God giving me the strength to be able to enjoy myself, despite of the 90 degree – humid weather. I am grateful for seeing the happiness that filled my hubby’s and my beautiful daughter’s faces as the event continued. I couldn’t had asked for anything more. I was completely stress-free from it all and enjoyed myself. Now, it’s nesting time!

Here are a few photos:

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Ego

My make-up and hair was done by my beloved sister, Priscilla.