Proud to Be

Yesterday, was the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City! I was not able to enjoy the festivities NY had to offer but I am damn proud to be Puerto Rican especially, one born and raised in Brooklyn. Our culture has been deeply embedded in all parts of the city and yesterday, we celebrated that culture. Just like any other Latin community, Puerto Ricans are such a diverse group of people and I want to take the time to embrace the mixes that make us Latino.

I have mixed some photos of my trip taken two years ago, with photos of a friend blogger of mine who currently lives in Puerto Rico. She is living the life and enjoying every aspect of the island and what it’s people have to offer. She’s part of the culture.

“Que Bonita bandera,

Que Bonita bandera,

Que Bonita bandera,

La bandera Puertoriquena”

Pat is such a good-hearted person doing what she loves most. Where ever she resides, she’s setting up shop for herself and making an impact. She has collaborated with many fashion boutiques, beauty business through out Puerto Rico, and other bloggers to spread the love of style and fashion. She has done this during a crucial time in Puerto Rico – after Hurricane Maria. She now designs and makes her own tote bags and is selling worldwide! She is truly an inspiration and her photos are EVERYTHING!! I had to share her and her photos with you guys because she is someone I admire.

Thank you Pat for giving me life all day–errrday – haha! She’s truly a real one.

Please check out her blog,