Surprise of the Year

On Christmas Day, I found out I was pregnant. It was a complete shock to our little family. I was enrolled in school with a part-time job and a full time mommy to a then 4 year old. Despite the goals I haven’t yet accomplished, I felt blessed – we felt blessed. A few weeks into the pregnancy, I became very sick. Nothing I ate stood in my tummy. I was dehydrated and weak. I ended up in the hospital twice and the second time in, I found out I had a condition called Hyperemesis. This condition can last the entire pregnancy and medication is needed in order to eat and practically function,(somewhat). I still have it.The condition doesn’t define me but it keeps me from doing what I would normally do. I have become a bed potato. I eat, take care of my now 5 year old and lay down as much as I can, in order to hold down my foods. It has been a miserable experience but with love and support from my partner, I have overcome 5 months of this pregnancy with happiness and barely any stress. Everyday is a struggle but I try my best to wake up and not think about what’s coming. I think of the wonderful health my baby is in and how sacrifice as a parent, begins now.

Thanking the perfect weather and my sister for this perfect photo.

Dress – ASOS (old purchase)

Jean Jacket – American Eagle

Hat – Forever21

I was nauseas during these photos but managed to remain on point with my natural poses. 😆