Resolution? Not!

I’ve been reading blogs and posts on social media, leading up to the New Year, regarding resolutions and futuristic ideas of the kind of mindset a new year is going to be entered. For me, personally, every year is the same ol’ thing. I have my accomplishments and my failures, year after year. There’s growth and lessons learned through out every experience that I’ve encountered. I do not believe in resolutions, although it may work for some, and it is not something I am discouraging. I am simply giving a personal thought to the whole new year resolution idea. This is something that has never worked for me as I set goals and do everything that I can to accomplishment them, one by one. There’s always a milestone to face, there’s always negative and there’s always happiness. Some days may be harder than others but entering a new year, I am expecting the same because – well, that’s just life. I do not have the most positive outlook at times but I’ve been learning to train my thoughts into thinking more positively. When something is done in a negative vibe, it almost never works out. I will plan to reflect and on what was learned and will continue those good behaviors into the new year.

I truly hope everyone has had, for what it feels like to some people, a fresh start. A start on self-reflection and improvements. Continue to push forward with goals you all want to accomplish.

Be as care free as this and do what makes you happy!

New year? New comfy suede boots from Louis Vuitton!