Let the Days Bite So That I Can Shine Brighter

This week, has been one heck of a week! (Crying Emoji), My daughter has been suffering terribly with asthma. I’ve been trying to keep up with her treatments, doctor appointments, holiday shopping, and prepping for school events. Thank God, classes are over for me but a new semester will arise shortly. Nothing matters more than my daughter’s health but it becomes mentally exhausted when there’s barely any sleep involved. Our attire resembles our battles – hehe! This is real life! What we go through and how we feel, is a reflection of what we wear – as I’ve mentioned before in my other blog posts. Despite our battles, she remains in high spirits. There’s holiday excitement in our home. Here are some looks of excitement and our comfy choice of wear.

Wearing her mustard colored sweats from Target, her adidas sneakers, and her light coat from Crazy8. She likes to be comfy too!
These Uggs sneakers are the best! My feet feel as though they were on clouds.
Well, thank you Forever21 and PrettyLittleThings for having pieces I can put together that make me feel as though I can jump to the moon. I was so relaxed this day, despite how busy I was

Most of the time, this our norm. I’m constantly on-the-go and have been putting a heavy weight on comfort in my choice of wear. I was digging though old photos of myself and came to a realization. This past year, my choices of looks have been revolving around the work I do daily. I am a mom, a student, with a part-time job. My mind is focused on success. I am driven by my potentials and put on pieces that comfort me despite the stress load. I either have spark up they way I style up or be ok with the person I am becoming. Either way, I have to be happy with what I am presenting to the world daily.