Second Week of December

Last week, was tremendously busy for our family. It was finals week for me and my daughter had Christmas events at her school, that she needed to participate in. It’s all fun and joyous until you realize there’s not enough time in the day for rest!

Last Monday, was picture day with Santa. Woohoo! My 4 year old was super excited to meet to Santa and already had her punch-line for him – “Hoho, hoho!” That day came and went. Photos were a success as she produced the biggest smile of all. Her hair remained intact and she had time to brush her teeth! *(Rolling eyes emoji)* That’s right! There are some mornings, no matter how hard I try, she will not get out of bed unless I’m dragging her out the door. Most days, I’m dressing her in her sleep and we walk to school half asleep. I may not have all the parenting answers and for a single mom, it gets exhausting being the only adult around on a day-to-day basis that lays down the law.

Cheeese Santa!

Wednesday of last week, was ugly sweater day! I ended up purchasing a 4 dollar red turtleneck at a local Brooklyn store. I then, made my way to Dollar Tree and purchased the most fun-looking ornaments I could find, with my sister’s help. All of this was taking place in the midst of me attending classes, studying for finals and completing last minute projects. When she got home from school, we began working on her ugly sweater, well, more like an ugly shirt. The end-result was nothing but perfection. I paired her shirt with a golden tutu, that I made a few months back, and black tights with her white and black stripped adidas sneakers. She was owning that outfit! She felt festive and ready to take on the pre-k classroom. By the end of the week, I was completely exhausted! Not haven’t slept well, in about three weeks, I was surprised to have had the energy needed for all I’ve accomplished.

Such a happy kid! Now it’s time to let mommy sleep!