Good Vibes in Your Environment

Bringing serenity in your home can prevent anxiety and any inner hostilities. Create areas in your home where you are able to burn scents/candles that have soothing aromas. Bring faith into your home and fill your mind with positivity. The good energy will unfold itself. Your positive thoughts and peaceful ora will manifest.

Living in a large city like New York City, our lives are hectic and busy. We are constantly running around on foot, trying to catch trains and chase down Uber’s. I’ve been here my entire life and this is all I’ve known. Despite our fast-paced environment, relaxation is often needed.

I have chosen to purchase this Lotus candle and put it next to my Buddha head figurine. There is a plant in an elephant figurine on the left of the Buddha head. This set up enlightens me and brings serenity. I’m always posting on my Instagram stories, the lighting of candles. I’m a huge fan of dim light at night and night-time rituals that helps my family sleep. It settles our spirit for rest. Creating little areas like this one, helps us tremendously with our relaxation. Fashion up your home and be creative with the kind of ora, you would want to manifest.