Nothing but Love for Schiaparelli!

I couldn’t be more excited to see the new collection of Schiaparelli! Elsa Schiaparelli, emerged in the 1920s but was not heavily recognized after the Second World War. She was influenced by surrealist yet failed to adapt to necessary changes of that time. Her influences still live in today’s fashion world. I’ve always been greatly inspired by her quirkiness, her love of art, and how she incorporated those elements in her garments.

I love the color coordination of this look. The green used in the pants, is a color that may be emerging in the new year. The mixture of classic with street wear give this an edge and stylish presence.

This beautiful sheer sleeve dress with embroidery, reminds me of Schiaparelli in her time. She was a risk taker. With colors, and the arts, she incorporated elements that showed power and risk. It was a woman’s movement of her time.

This is a resemblance of the 1920s. The sweatsuit looking sweater with this beautifully draped trousers, shows what Schiaparelli would of designed. It’s intriguing and recognizes a movement in today’s society.

This turtle-neck is everything! Warm and comfy with a playful color that would make any woman, feel good. I really never liked pink attire on a grown woman but as of lately, with pink being a trendy color, I have grown to love it. It’s such a power color.

Just when you might of thought color-blocking was a dying trend, this assures us, that it is not. Schiaparelli, at this point, cannot do any wrong. Her vision is lingering. This garment is speaking through its drapery, color, and fabric diversity. Once again, another technique often used in her past collections.

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