Biker World

Who loves biker shorts as much as I do?

I have to be honest, although I love shorts, I don’t wear them. I love to style them on others but shorts is not in my comfort zone because of a particular flaw that I acquire, (we’ll get into that another time). For this reason, I resort to biker shorts in the summer time.

My first introduction to them was as a little girl. My mother wore them while pregnant from my younger sister. The way she wore her big floppy blouses and tee-shirts paired with either sneakers or sandals, (hence, we lived in Puerto Rico at the time), is something I’ve always admired. I was intrigued by this look. A look that originated in the 80’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wear shorts but they are usually longer in length defeating the “short shorts” purpose. Since I love biker shorts, I came up with three different looks that you can use to wear them for the winter season! Some will say, it’s a cheap look. I say, it’s not about the amount of money being spent but about how well you coordinate your fabrics, colors and trend. The entire look has to be appealing to the eye. It should be something that represents you and your personal style. 😉

  1. This first look, the biker shorts is paired with a burgundy faux leather dress. I purchased this a few years back at a neighborhood Brooklyn store. This dress is pretty short for my liking and I decided to pair it with the biker shorts. I am always wearing over the knee faux suede boots from Century 21.
  1. I just love this pink sweater, tulle dress, purchased at Forever 21 on sale. The illusion of wearing nothing, always gets me. It’s a breathable and comfortable look. I paired it with patten leather black booties from JustFab shoes! It’s a inexpensive outfit. It makes my legs look longer and covers any bulges of my tummy – ha! This is actually my favorite one.

3. Lastly, a lace long wide sleeve blouse with cleavage! It’s loose yet sexy. This was a target purchase about 2 years ago. Not everything I wear is new. I don’t mind repeating and digging in my closet for pieces that are a few years old.

These were very simple looks that anyone can put together. As long as you are comfortable in it, you can own your look!