Holiday Helper

Days where we are suppose to feel our best, we tend to have the hardest time. How we handle these hard times, affects our outcomes. On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling a little out of it. I had to get my daughter dressed and ready for her evening dinner with her dad. I had to prepare food with my guy, for my parent’s dinner, and manage to get myself together to be able to present myself to my family and friends.

I had no idea what I was going to wear. One thing I did know, is that it had to be comfortable. I had to be able to breathe in the garment of choice and feel relaxed. I decided to go with a mid-sleeve, button down dress, that I had purchased a few months ago at, I paired it with a pair of over the knee, faux suede boots from Century21. I did a red lip for a pop of color, as the colors of choice were very neutral. I felt good about what I wore and happy to be spending quality time with friends and family.

It is important to have a pick-me-up outfit that can combine a stylish edge with comfort. Comfort in our own skin that can transpired into our choice of dress. I chose not to let my negative feelings get in the way of feeling good. I chose my outcome.