You Versus Society

Accept  and embrace your uniqueness as a woman. Show confidence with who you are and what you offer for yourself. You have to work from the inner you and relate that to the outer you. 

When putting on make up and any synthetics, ask yourself, do you feel good with what you stand for and how you look ? If you don’t accept and embrace yourself, you can’t expect others to do it. Your style should enhance and express what you are about. 

It’s ok to change up looks, like putting on a wig, but you also have to be ok with being bare. If it’s a vulnerable side, fix it and grow comfortable with your bare self. 


From personal experience, people will say, “well, you don’t have my texture of hair so you wouldn’t know how it feels.” They are right, I don’t. But who says that what you have is less better than what I have? Don’t accommodate your look for society. Today, it’s about embracing all women.

Embracing the veiw from “The Williamsburg Hotel.” Learning how to be ok in my own skin.
Excepting my bare skin. This is me. I don’t ware a mask to hide me.