Saving Halloween!

My plans for Halloween this year, were plans that were all made last minute. The costumes that arose from our dilemma were also unplanned. The weekend before Halloween, I ordered two different costumes, assuring a timely delivery date for my four year old daughter. One was the “LOL” costume and the other was “Violet” from the movie, Incredibles which my daughter had been a fan of. I was truly excited to dress her up and couldn’t wait for our Halloween festivities to begin. Then, the dilema began. I received the package of the Incredibles costume but the “LOL” costume had not come in as promised. My daughter had a morning school event and then had planned to go to trick-or-treating that evening. The two costumes ordered were particularly to be used for those events. On the eve of Halloween, when I was a costume short, I had an idea to put an outfit together for her.

My daughter has tons of tutus, either purchased from stores or ones made by me. She has a tremendous amount of costumes and accessories that could potentially be used. I the, gathered everything she had. She had the perfect outfit to mimic a Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume. I had found black stockings, a black leotard, and a black tutu. In her jewelry box, she had faux pearls and hair clips. She had also had a Tiffany’s bag from a gift she had received when she was first born. Lucky girl right ? When I put this outfit together, I knew I had perfected it!

When she woke up in the morning, I delivered the news of what she was going to dress up as for her school event. She was more excited to know that she was going to wear make-up than she was for being Audrey Hepburn. I’ll take it! She was happy and I was thrilled to have come up with a costume idea, better than the one I had originally ordered.