Reflection Of My Style

2016, was the year of my personal growth. The realization of my wants and needs, as a mother and most importantly, as the woman I wanted to become. I began pursuing a new found journey but not realizing that it was already imbedded in my soul. I was rediscovering a whole new me. I was evolving and heading into the direction of my choice. Having confidence made me choose the styles and looks that appealed best to me. 

How we view ourselves reflects highly in the choices we make in fashion. As we evolve, so does fashion. Our styles reflect where we work, go to school, how we feel on that given day, and what we do in our spare time. Our environment contains vibes in which we feed off from. If we remain in tuned with our evolving environment, we will find ourselves growing. Self-reflection keeps our mind analyzing our choices and help us understand what we should do to change or remain. It’s the same concept with our wardrobe. What we get rid of and what we purchase is simply influenced by our emotions toward a piece of clothing. 

The photo below, made me reflect on where my mindset was during this particular time. I wanted to try new things and not be afraid to take chances. I wanted a daring edgy look. I was happy and confident. This is place that I remain in, even in this vastly changing environment.